Natural Remedies For Geographic Tongue

Natural Remedies For Geographic Tongue….Psoriasis – Skin disease – that causes skin cells to grow rapidly, creating thick white, red or silvery patches in the skin. Your dentist or doctor can explain to you whether you have geographic tongue cure or another disease. Seeing your dentist or doctor is the best way to obtain a proper diagnostic, in most cases your doctor or dentist can determine if you have geographic tongue by your description of the symptoms and from examining your mouth and tongue. The dentist in Sani Dental Group are train professional and can provide a proper diagnostic to any oral disease you may have. In your case after a visit to the dentist and in cooperation with you doctor, the cause for your geographic tongue was stress and an allergic reaction to sea food. Our doctors can provided you treatment options and after a few days your tongue was back to normal. The term comes from the visual appearance that this condition causes to the surface of your tongue. Heredity, which is one of the most common causes.

A rare rash that shows up as lacy, white patches or red shiny bumps on the inside of the cheeks or tongue could be lichen planus. No one knows what causes it. Generally, mild lichen planus doesn’t need any treatment. If it causes pain or ulcers, it can be treated with oral and topical medication. When parts of your tongue are missing some of their small bumps, you end up with raised and lowered spots, giving your tongue a map-like appearance. Geographic tongue is harmless and can come and go. It usually doesn’t need any treatment. When periodontal (gum) disease develops, bacteria in plaque accumulate along the gum line.

There may be an association between certain types of psoriasis (especially pustular psoriasis) and geographic tongue. Geographic tongue has also been seen with increased frequency in patients with pernicious anemia (this often appears as an erythematous form of geographic tongue) (Figure 5-44) and in pregnant patients, in whom it is possibly associated with folic acid deficiency or hormonal fluctuations. And why as long as you view it as a disease you will never find the cure either.

The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. geographic tongue treatment just stays for some days or months and disappears on its own. Some of the geographic tongue signs and symptoms are negative style in mouth, discoloration from the surface with the tongue, numbness, and so forth. Geographic Tongue is diagnosed through clinical investigation.

Also, stomatitis areata migrans was found in 5.4% of patients with psoriasis and in 1% of control patients whereas benign migratory glossitis was found in 10.3% of patients with psoriasis and in 2.5% of control association between these disorders gives supporting evidence that geographic tongue may be a manifestation of psoriasis.However, another study found that 10% of psoriasis patients had oral lesions histologically suggestive of psoriasis but that only 1% had classic geographic tongue.

And as I said before, avoiding the thing that triggers GT on my tongue (alcohol) usually means I do not get GT, and frequent brushing of my entire mouth will usually prevent GT even when I do consume alcohol. Since I started using “Enamel Saver” SLS-free toothpaste my tongue completely cleared. The GT recently returned; however, using SLS-free toothpaste significantly improved condition, and cleared my tongue for long time. It doesn’t seem to be a cure but just another step to the puzzle solution.” December 2002 Note from David: Both Biotene and Rembrandt canker-free toothpastes are free of SLS and they are supposed to be available in many drug stores, though I did not find them in most of the places I’ve checked so far. There is a strange thing about geographic tongue.

As a kid some medicine they gave me for my pain from braces made it go away, but I could never get that stuff again once I got rid of the braces. I have it and I think I am going to make it my life goal to find a cure for this. I was wondering if anyone else feels like geographic tongue contagious makes their tongue feel rougher and their mouth dry (probably due to stress and being nervous).

No doctor, diabetes consultant or diabetes nurse, many of whom I have told about this, recognises any connection between high blood glucose and a furry tongue. I have a classic case of geographic tongue (slick red patches with no papillae, often a ring of white around the patch, sometimes tiny amounts of bleeding around the edges, patches grow and shrink and move around, go away and come back a few days or weeks later). April 2002 – I’ve just discovered a site with lots of suggested treatments – see the first Link below. My Treatment: Remember, I am not a doctor or dentist, and I am not giving you medical advice.

Check out the relationships between gluten intolerance and geographic tongue symptoms . Being a woman it is painfully embarrassing to have a tongue with patches on it that could possibility look like some std or something. They all just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know what causes it. That answer is no longer good enough for me. I have tried everything. I don’t believe you tongue just freaks out for no reason. Brushing the tongue a few times a day does help with the appearance of the tongue and sometimes makes it feel better to me. I think it is strange that alcohol is a common culprit for everyone. If we are eating at home all week his tongue is almost normal all the time.

Each of these symptoms is generally characteristic of different deficiencies and so if an individual has several different deficiencies he or she may exhibit a variety of different tongue symptoms as well. The tongue to the above left is slightly enlarged and has several other symptoms as well, including cracks, white coating and at least one bald patch in the lower right corner. Hashimoto’s Disease has also been associated with thyroid problems and also with beefy tongue. Proper oral hygiene can help prevent periodontal disease.

I get really embarrassed by it, I don’t want to go out or talk to people at all when I have it, I feel as if they can see it. It last for about 10 days, I know its coming when i get a coating on my tongue and when i eat i feel a little burning from there it gets patchy, then towards the end it starts to become really red and almost kind of raw after i eat then goes away. I quit smoking about 5 years ago because of it. It used to cause infections on my tongue. Geographic and fissured tongue came back (it had been gone for a long while). To see if the tongue clears up entirely, and if the burning mouth calms down. My tongue usually burns a little, especially when I eat spicy or acidic foods. I LOVE spicy food though so I usually just ignore it. I have also noticed that when my tongue is acting up, toothpaste burns a lot. My tongue hurts most of the time.

Association with the latter condition is supported by one report in which the severity of geographic tongue allergies appeared to vary with hormonal levels.Lesions that are histologically indistinguishable from those of geographic tongue can also be seen in Reiter’s syndrome. Geographic tongue can also be accompanied by deep fissures (cracks) on the tongue, which again are not serious, but like geographic longue can be seen alongside other skin conditions. I believe Geographic Tongue is incurable because it isn’t a disease. By that I mean, I don’t think there is a specific virus or bacteria that causes it. After a few months my symptoms improved.

In my case, if I don’t drink I get GT much less frequently, but now it is so easy to get rid of the GT while it is still very minor that I don’t worry about it. Also, if I am careful to brush my teeth and tongue three times a day on the day I drink and the day after, I usually don’t get GT (sometimes I still get GT, but I get it much more often when I do not do this). Standard Treatment: The “prevailing wisdom” quoted by most doctors, dentists, and web sites is that there is “No Treatment” for GT. A few doctors and web sites do suggest specific treatments (any I’ve found are in the “Links” section below). Many web sites suggest treatments for the symptoms (soreness) but nothing that gets rid of the GT. However, there are a few web sites which suggest steroids, Zinc supplements, vitamin B12, anti-fungal and antibacterial medications may be used to treat GT (see Links at bottom of page). Both are 0.4% fluoride treatments that you can obtain through your dentist.

I’ve now read that tartar-control works very well for preventing new tartar build-up, but is a mouth-irritant in “a small percentage” of people that causes “irritation and mouth sores” and might trigger GT in some of us. However, most toothpastes now contain tartar-control ingredients (pyrophosphate or zinc citrate), even those that don’t claim to. So far, I’ve been unable to find a toothpaste without tartar-control in my local stores (you have to research the ingredients of a given toothpaste on the internet if it doesn’t mention tartar-control on the label but also does not list the ingredients).

Your doctor or dentist can usually make a diagnosis of geographic tongue symptoms based on an examination of your tongue and your answers to questions about signs and symptoms. Geographic tongue typically doesn’t require any medical treatment. Although geographic tongue can sometimes cause tongue discomfort, it’s otherwise a harmless condition. Because these treatments haven’t been studied rigorously, their benefit is uncertain. Since the condition resolves on its own and has an unpredictable course, you may not be able to tell if the symptomatic treatments are actually working. A sore or painful tongue is usually caused by something obvious and visible, although there are a few less obvious causes you should be aware of that may need treating. It can sometimes cause a sore tongue, as well as an altered sense of taste.

I’ve had one small patch for about two days four times within the last 7 months…. As of March 2005 my GT remains a only minor irritant, with small patches appearing every two or geographic tongue allergies three months on average and always going away quickly when treated with peroxide rinses and brushing my mouth and tongue with non-tartar-control toothpaste several times a day.

As a benign condition with generally no side effects, most physicians prefer to monitor patients instead of treating them with medications that might or might not work and will likely have other side effects. As far as associations with bad breath, there is a plausible explanation that some of the pits and fissures that are sometimes present in geographic tongue could be holding bacteria that can cause bad breath. This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. When I stop taking it the tongue symptoms reappear.

DISCLAIMER: Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. The places where the tongue looks burned are places where the papillae have fallen off.

In affected individuals geographic tongue allergies tends to vary in color, shape and size – hence the name of the condition. Geographic tongue and fissured tongue (Please see the PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET: Fissured Tongue ) commonly occur together. Occasionally geographic tongue may cause a burning or smarting sensation of the tongue. A: No. There has not been any report regarding geographic tongue causing cancer. It has completely helped me. But if i go off of my fish oil and vitamins or just one of the two my symptoms reappear within 2 weeks. So as long as i stick to these vitamins and oil i seem to have no burning tongue (or very rare) and no marks either. The normal tongue is covered by a layer of small bumps known as papillae.